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today we recommend this brand is a western style burger franchise project – Burger boy. For investors who want to invest in the food and beverage industry can look at.

Hamburg kid brands belong to Shanghai burger boy Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the company in good faith and innovative business philosophy, in 2001 officially launched the national franchise, the franchise has more than and 300.

Hamburg kid food with their own rich experience, professional food formulation, professional technical management personnel of high quality, complete specification of the management philosophy as a guide, to create high-quality products for customers, provide excellent service, clean and comfortable dining environment, developed a series of unique flavor with Chinese taste the product, provide nutrition, health, delicious food to consumers, to meet every investor and consumer demand, enhance the market competitiveness of companies and stores.

company to adopt a new management system, from product positioning, store image, marketing mode, support are unique, maintain market competitiveness and vitality of the high, Hamburg kid food is entering the market at a steady pace.

burger fast food to join, the strength of strong service quality, easy to get rich investment. Fast food hamburger boy operating experience mature, now join without trying to replicate the successful experience in business strategy, ready-made, easy fishing Choi super awesome. Hamburg kids fast food brands welcome enthusiastic investors to join the fast food industry swept the new wealth!

burger kid joining fee:

join fee + technology transfer fee: A shop: 100 thousand yuan (3 years) B shop: $300 thousand (five years)

brand usage fee: A shop: 5000 yuan / year B shop: $15000 / year

franchise employees: A shop: 6–10 people B shop: 15–20 people

business area: A shop: 60 – 80 square meters B shop: 150-300 square meters

The above is the simple introduction of the

Hamburg kid joining fee, if you still have what other problems need to understand the message please in our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you.

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