Fast food chain stores must succeed

At that moment,

‘s success is behind in exchange for countless hard times, don’t work hard, you’ll never stand still, not success. Take the restaurant brands to create, although McDonald’s, KFC and other international fast-food chain giant now "glory"; however, when started, also experienced a lot of "threshold". Similarly, the domestic fast food industry is also accelerating the development, but also will experience these hom". Many domestic food and beverage chain in the short term to develop a lot, but it does not last long; the reason is that it failed to pass through several links catering chain.

1) breaking cognitive barrier

this is the first "bank", is the key to the survival of a single store. It depends on the store can quickly establish reputation, can earn popularity, more important is to earn money.

for this, as far as possible to allow potential consumers to try, and let more consumers become repeat customers, it becomes the key to break the cognitive barrier. Think that year, McDonald’s in the reform, in order to expand the visibility, by reducing the price of French fries, hamburgers, in one fell swoop after the reform of the visibility; shaping the economic, affordable and fast image.

2) break through the barrier

once you make money, someone will copy; because the market is open. So, this store is very easy to meet the competitor; then, "is it easy to imitate others, whether can continue operation" has become the second hom".

when a store after the success of many operators love through price increases to obtain higher returns; but did not consider to get more market share through store expansion; leading tourist community store is not stable, unable to form an effective repeat, not to mention the usual. Because, back off and effective means of regulars or rival; studies have shown that attracted to spend a new customer costs is to consolidate the 5 times of an old customer; moreover, the old customer value is much higher than that of new customers.

of course, before achieving success, it is impossible not to encounter strong competition; only their own unique things, in order to obtain sustainable competitive advantage; it also requires that, if you want to carry out the chain expansion, continuous improvement and continuous improvement is essential.

in addition, many single restaurant in operation after a period of time, the operator loses its freshness, or the emergence of the "fatigue"; often on product quality to relax the single store operation attention; the greatest danger.

3) to achieve sustainable operation


is able to win in the competition, there is a chance to continue to operate

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