How to construct the rolling development fund in Zigong

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China’s urban economy has been greatly developed, and even become an international metropolis. But there are still a lot of areas, economic development is lagging behind, people’s living standards and to be improved. So, in the face of the current situation of poverty in Zigong, how to build "rolling development funds"? In order to effectively improve the status quo of poverty?

(1) layered development goals. According to the level of 5 million yuan, 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan at the level of county, township and village 200 thousand yuan helping demonstration standard of 50 thousand yuan to build social poverty alleviation "rolling development fund", and strive to the end of 2017, the total size of funds reached 50 million yuan.

(2) broaden financing channels. Raise funds through financial support, social donations, membership dues, etc.. At the end of June, the city has 51 towns and 52 villages set up a 28 million 500 thousand yuan of social poverty alleviation "rolling development fund".

(3) to ensure the effectiveness of the use of funds. The funds to support the focus of industrial projects, through the development of geese, beef, chicken and other characteristics of forest species breeding, driven by poor households’ income, promote the development of poverty alleviation. Up to now, 3 demonstration villages have been lifted out of poverty, 1690, respectively, accounting for the annual plan of 60.1%, 60%.

(4) to strengthen the supervision of the use of funds. The establishment of "social management of the city’s poverty alleviation and development funds" rolling "at all levels of society, poverty alleviation NPC and CPPCC" respectively according to formulate rules for the implementation of their own reality, to ensure that the special management of special funds, special funds. Improve the reporting of loans, guarantees, audit and other systems, regular feedback to the donor rolling development funds use and effect.

through the above information reports we can see that the city of Zigong in the face of poverty alleviation, "rolling development funds" way to solve the current situation of poverty in the city, mainly includes four aspects, namely hierarchical formulating development goals, broaden the financing channels, to ensure the use of funds to strengthen the supervision efficiency, the use of funds, and vigorously the development of the local economy, strive for the success of poverty.

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