Migrant workers need to solve the problem

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migrant workers is very normal in the current era of national entrepreneurship has become. However, due to many restrictions, the probability of success of migrant workers is not high, at the same time, we also need to solve more problems, can guarantee the entrepreneurial success. So, migrant workers need to solve those problems?

The press conference said the deputy director of the Ministry of agriculture

rural social development center Zhan Huilong in the recently held "2016 first China migrant workers entrepreneurship innovation development forum, as of the end of 2015, the number of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship has exceeded 4 million 500 thousand, accounting for more than 2% of migrant workers, migrant workers are formed a new craze. At the same time, land use, financing difficulties, shortage of talent has become the main problems encountered in the process of migrant workers.

Zhan Huilong said that with the advance of the implementation of the national public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, entrepreneurial work fast around the migrant workers to return home, showing the new changes in three aspects:

first, the number of entrepreneurs more and more, a new upsurge of entrepreneurship is taking shape. The number of migrant workers returning home for business in recent years has been maintained at about two figures. According to the Ministry of agriculture survey, as of the end of 2015, the number of migrant workers returning home to start the country has more than 4 million 500 thousand, accounting for more than 2% of migrant workers.

second, the field of entrepreneurship is becoming wider and wider, cross industry entrepreneurship increased significantly. Migrant workers entrepreneurship field is no longer confined to the traditional breeding industry in the past, but covers special breeding, agricultural products (12.780, -0.38, -2.89%) processing, tourism, e-commerce, agricultural products development and so on, involving the rural 123 industry, showing multi industry interaction, integration and development of the new trend.

third, the starting point of the business is getting higher and higher, significantly improve the quality of factor inputs. The past migrant workers entrepreneurship mostly for the general planting, now the high quality, strong entrepreneurial skills, pushing more and more management mode, constantly updated, new technologies and new models are widely used in the new format widely.

Zhan Huilong pointed out that migrant workers entrepreneurship is our country public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy and an important part of the potential of the modern farmers with high culture, strong technology, modern management is the development of the rural economy is an important effective strength, rely on the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in rural areas, new urbanization and agricultural modernization the development of innovation subject.

however, with the deepening of migrant workers returning home business, they also encountered many difficulties, summed up in three areas.

first, the land is more difficult than other industries. Most of the migrant workers returning home are based on the industry based on Agriculture

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