What are the methods and techniques to choose the store

is now on the market is more and more children’s clothing store, competition is increasingly fierce, want to open his own children’s clothing store business is good, we must choose a good children’s clothing stores, today, we look at the children’s clothing store store choice which methods and skills?

What is the location method of

Location: Children’s clothing store location elements

1. is located in the business district, or large residential center;

2. has access to convenience;

3. store visibility;

4. the lease rent moderate, not less than 1 years;

5. area of 20-40 square meters (according to different regions can be adjusted);

6. window facing the street, the wider the better;

7. recent urban planning;

The location of the shop – seeking other notes

1. pavement around the brand environment, not to be surrounded by low brand;

2. pay attention to the shop where the streets of yin and Yang face;

3. pay attention to the location of the shop around the station;

4. pay attention to the obstacles around the shop location;

5. pay attention to the shop entrance steps, etc.;

Location: store method

1. business atmosphere, large traffic, the popularity of high-end integrated shopping malls and nearby;

2. visibility and large customer traffic (traffic needs to meet the characteristics of the target customer base);

3. high visibility around the store (such as McDonald’s,   near KFC);

4. large residential neighborhood;

5. market facilities and good performance in the same industry;

The location method of

– children’s clothing store brand children’s clothing store counter positions

1. pay attention to the floor of the mall counters, usually the higher the floor will be less;

2. noted that the store counter and the choice of Nakajima side hall, side hall is better than general


3. > pavement

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