Join the chain can not pay the deposit site

whether it is business, or shopping, we all have an experience like this, in a noisy scene state, the mood is very easy to urgently, so pay various deposit will be become a very normal thing. However, here Xiaobian to remind investors to join the chain can not pay the deposit site!

as long as you go to visit Franchise Exhibition, following this scene you must be familiar with you yet to go to a project in front of the booth, to see every corner of hall almost littered with wearing this brand clothing "run", with a small recommend to you and guide you to the exhibition to let you join, also urged you countless people to join, "time is money", you should pay a deposit contract, or after the village is not this shop. Hesitating, the audience applause, cheers, someone had money on the spot.

is more irrational franchisors, more may be a problem. Franchise is a down all the pattern, a store problem, will be implicated in all stores. Formal headquarters in order to require the consistency of the quality of goods and services, the qualifications of those who join the very strict, including the threshold to join the funds, performance guarantees, purchase channels, etc.. If the leader of the franchisee, without investigation, as long as the spot to join gold, can immediately join it, you have to be careful.

game: many members listen to headquarters or written instructions and other information, hastily signed on, wait until the headquarters to see when there is a dispute, found that headquarters is smaller than its own stores, did not solve the question ability and experience stores. Therefore, it is necessary to take a trip to the headquarters and its stores and collect first-hand information.

to join the chain is not a small business after all, we need to start from more aspects, so as to really find a good business opportunities. In the selection of the franchise chain enterprises, the main can be asked to join the headquarters to provide relevant information, if the headquarters can not provide, it is best to reconsider. In addition, the number of home can be required to provide the existing headquarters store and place their selection and expected business circle similar stores unannounced visits, to understand the actual operation of the franchise is really like general headquarters said.

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