Shop guide to teach you the location of maternal and child shop tips

baby industry is more and more popular now, maternal stores demand has increased, everywhere high streets and back lanes maternity stores, many of my friends would like to open a shop but mother, mother shop location is indeed a small doorway, the following Xiaobian take you to understand how the location.

have the idea of a shop, the first step to the site, so our first step is to open the first location on the computer, Baidu maps, for example, input keywords: maternal maternal stores, I enter here is of course not to baby shop opened in the city on the map please select the corresponding the provinces and cities.

There are at least 2 or more cells in the vicinity of the

1., or a large cell.

2. maternal and child stores around at least 2 or less, too much competition is too intense.

3. residential area around the rent, select acceptable range.

1. peripheral cell count.

2. surrounding population structure, the number of elderly, the number of children, you can look into the park and the parents to talk about the needs of the district.

3. to observe the traffic in the vicinity of the peer shop, consumption levels, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of peers.

the satisfaction of all visits after the block, began to filter out the most suitable position. And then it’s a window dressing. As long as the scope of the screening can be achieved good results.

block stores if the competition is bigger, need careful analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

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