The success of Haagen Dazs

small first to know about this thing is Hagendasi before us are very love to see "families with children" inside to see. Of course, in a long time keep curiosity that is a different Haagen Dazs ice cream, completely messy. I was thinking, how successful Haagen Dazs is become the market to sell the most expensive ice cream.

in the ice cream industry, just like Chanel, Hermes Hagendasi as a luxury brand, the girls also have a special liking to its. You know, Haagen Dazs ice cream price is 5-10 times that of ordinary ice cream, but people are still flocking to them. The brand is definitely the most expensive and most successful ice cream brand in the industry. So, how Hagendasi out of step by step, Chinese ice cream Xiaobian from market positioning, marketing strategy, price, channels and other aspects to analyze its success.

The success of

Haagen Dazs

market positioning

China strategy Haagen Dazs completely follow the European tradition, is the best ice cream. Product positioning is the pursuit of noble mind of the consumer groups, such as the first to enter the Shanghai market before the Haagen Dazs carefully analyzed the Shanghai consumer mentality. In order to let consumers feel that the value for money, is taking the emotional line Haagen dazs. Haagen Dazs advertising disguised himself as a "spokesman of the noble fashion way of life, even hired many stars to join, Haagen dazs. When the initial entry of the Shanghai market, Haagen carefully analyzes the mentality of young people in Shanghai. At the time of the Shanghai people think that lifestyle is the spokesman of the white collar that access to high-grade office space company, senior executives and blonde foreigner. We invite those who participate in special Hagendasi activities, attract TV made a "popular landscape" program, a defined synonymous with fashion, which caused a small sensation. With the first batch of "noble fashion life" the word of mouth publicity, there will be more people like a flock of ducks soon, stampede in. The use of word of mouth multiplier effect, to reach the tipping point leading to popular.

marketing strategy

products: YISHION manufacturing natural raw materials, all products into the Chinese are flown in from the United States, packing box of ice cream is printed in France, all the ice cream is packaged and shipped to the Chinese to the fresh, natural taste of global unity to make China consumers irresistible. Delicate taste, meaning more beautiful present to always pay attention to the quality of life you fine. You can taste through the design of new feeling to bring the ice cream Haagen Dazs extraordinary feeling: Strawberry Ice Cream wrapped with coconut and white chocolate, Cookies & cream ice cream combined with dark chocolate and perfect, Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream wrapped with crushed almond dark chocolate, looks very delicious. Like all top

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