Graduated from college am not afraid of difficulties perseverance to success

in the excitement I graduated from University, after graduation I complacent thinking to find a good job, realize the value of your life. But after getting out of school suddenly found that the reality is not imagined so romantic, the second half of 2003, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big city almost all shed I wander footsteps, I can’t remember how many times an interview, always want to frustrated, not people think I is not ideal treatment no experience. After wandering for nearly half a year, I returned to their own small town in the south of the Yangtze River, I am a very confident person, never doubt their ability, I think maybe the big city may not be suitable for me. Looking for work so hard as his own boss, so I decided to go it alone, even if it is from a stall start.

in the train home from school, I saw a "Yangzi Evening News" reported "Shanxi serious water pollution, municipal tap water spared", in detail in this paper introduces the present situation of water pollution in Shanxi area and caused many serious consequences (yellow teeth and stones), I suddenly felt eyes bright, get off immediately find the selling water purifier students to discuss, then we hit it off, two days later we sat for nearly forty hours by train to Shanxi. Get off after the environment

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