Franchise business strategy inventory

operating clothing store is not a very easy thing, because there are a lot of details need to deal with, in the daily management needs to do what work? Xiao Bian summed up some practical business strategy, I hope to help you.

1. commodity quantity strategy

clothing stores will appear unsalable goods situation in the process of operation, a single store case, unsalable goods can only digest themselves in the shop, which greatly hindered the sales of the new product. Faced with this situation, franchise owner may apply to open stores, merchandise circulation in several stores, to speed up the pace of sales unsalable goods.

2. multi brand development strategy

in the current market competition, brand clothing company will be in the original brand mature on the basis of further development for another age brand, will be part of the brand new brand more. Through the operation of multi brand, expand the visibility of the shop, for more customer service.

/>3. personnel management strategy

join the clothing store management is important to sales management, commodity management and the Chen Li. Which joined the clothing store to guide the management of the right or not, directly related to the store’s sales performance. So, for the shopping guide to encourage, through the Commission commission rate, the development of incentive programs and other activities to improve the enthusiasm of the work of the guide.

/>4. inventory management strategy

as the garment industry has the popular trend of variation is very strong, when the new listing, the original clothing will be difficult to sell. So in the sales process to do the monitoring, choose the right time to market, control of seasonal clothing, minimize unsalable clothing.

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