College students to open home appliance cleaning business brand value over forty million a year

young, to venture into the field. This is now a lot of college students create a voice. Many young customers with a sharp sense of smell, seize the market opportunities, rapid entrepreneurial attempt.

"fitter" is a home appliance maintenance services company. Into the company’s WeChat public service platform, the point of open immediately order, cleaning machine reservation service time has been discharged to the first fifteen. Last month, we face the customers in Nanjing launched a free cleaning 1000 refrigerator, air conditioning, lampblack machine and other household appliances maintenance service, it was sold out in less than a week." "Fitter" team leader, 2014 graduate of Nanjing University, said Tao Jin.

involved in the maintenance industry from a home appliance, his air conditioning repair pit experience. At that time, I received 600 yuan master, and a friend of my air conditioning is the same problem, only spent $90 maintenance. This market is more confusing, if I do the norm, there must be business opportunities." At the beginning of last year, he and several classmates "fitter" was formally established.

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