How much tea bull and mmortality


bull and immortality tea, in the catering market would be so popular? Delicious bull and immortality tea, has been extremely popular, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good business opportunities!

bull and immortality now so popular, many investors want to invest bull and immortality, see unified style bull and immortality and high quality products, may think it will spend a lot of money to open a bull and herbal shop?

actually opened a bull and immortality shop cost probably only about 100 thousand, especially in a good location, may cost a little high, but the flow of people is relatively large, the turnover will be good. Tea profits are very high, generally up to 50%-70%,     below we analyze profit:

bull and immortality operating cost is not very high, water, raw materials, labor costs do not add up, then open a bull and herbal stores how much profit? Last year, Lee rented a store, opened a bull and immortality franchise. Decoration, purchase the necessary equipment costs, procurement of raw materials, personnel equipped with, and then sent to the headquarters for free training. Tea shop profits are very large. Xiao Li said, a cup of tea about 10 yuan, the cost of only about $5, profit is almost at the end of the day, if you sell out 300 cups a day, then the profit is around $1500. Generally speaking, when the tea shop off-season sales can reach 300 cups a day or so, not to mention the peak season. Join the bull and immortality, low investment, high profit, low risk. Can join tea; for different consumer groups, make the most of the city’s consumption pattern. Product consumption price ranging from 6 yuan to 12 yuan, the consumption structure of the product selection of many consumers like drinks, desserts and other delicious series.

has the characteristics of the bull and herbal tea, worthy of our attention and choice. Join the bull and herbal tea project, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

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