Community shops investment can not be blindly sought after

no matter what the current market, there will be a lot of blind pursuit of people, so the work, entrepreneurship, shops investment so the same. In this small series stressed that if you want to invest in community shops, can not be blindly sought after, otherwise it will be possible to make money and time are damaged.

analysis of a senior consultant in community shops investment believes that the investment community shops, the prospects for the development of community is a natural focus of concern of many investors, small shops investment factors by lots, main stores, developers, investment opportunities, popularity and consumption to investment prospects. Some of the qualities of a good market, the future development direction and is located in the city, which is the long-term investment value of shops increased leverage, its small shops even if the current year earnings failed to reach 7%, but if investors are optimistic about the future appreciation potential, even 4% the left and right of the annual rate of return is acceptable the.

district shops investment, with the increase in recent years, the New District, and the majority of investors optimistic. The main driving force for the purchase of residential households potential consumption potential, in particular, a number of daily necessities to facilitate the daily life of the home shop is very optimistic. But need to be reminded that, because it is a small shop, it faces the fierce competition in the rise of a number of shopping centers. Some investment professionals remind, not simply to see it from the angle of the residential consumption potential of many people, but from the Engel coefficient to analysis, that is to say, if a district residents, their food and clothing consumption in the daily expenses in proportion is too large, the return on investment value should be low some.

on the other hand, small shops and social commercial outlets must be total control, overall planning. Experts, from the point of view of economic development, a reasonable proportion of the total area of the store and the population density should be 1 square meters / person. Therefore, when we select the community shops, but also to investigate the community and the surrounding commercial facilities around the general situation, as well as the future of the region’s overall planning for some time. Therefore, the investment community shops can not be blindly sought after.

Although the

community shops is a good development space, however, investment is a risky thing, we also need more careful treatment, must not blindly, it will make the investment facing greater risks. So, if you are ready to invest in community shops, you may need to go through careful inspection, careful treatment oh.

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