Difficulties and Countermeasures of female entrepreneurship

now although female entrepreneurship has been recognized by people, but also by the society for help, but because of women’s own special circumstances, so during this time will still encounter many problems, to solve these problems also need some good countermeasures.

[phenomenon] entrepreneurs know more difficult

in the interview process of many female entrepreneurs, most interviewees said: female entrepreneurs, difficult!

1 phenomena: Entrepreneurial encounter family resistance

Xingan County Green Agricultural Science and technology development limited company chairman Zou Lingping, the business target of green pollution-free vegetable industry, first of all to stand out against her father: "that is the man’s job, you never worked on the farm a woman home, how could you do such a thing?"

Female teachers

2 phenomena: frustration psychological endurance test

A network

3 phenomena: entrepreneurial projects and partners to

A network

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