House prices really cool Nanjing new home prices rose only 0 44%

in the most popular this year, afraid of the real estate market is facing housing prices by leaps and bounds, the relevant departments to take relevant measures, to curb housing prices play a certain effect. October 100 City Price Index Research Institute data released China on display before, 100 city national residential average price rose fell. 17 cities in Jiangsu, only a decline of 2, but the price of new homes in Nanjing in October rose only by 0.44%, significantly lower than in September.

hundred city house prices fell sharply in October, Nanjing prices rose only 0.44%

10 month 100 cities nationwide home prices rose by 1.65%, or more than in September dropped by up to 1.18 percentage points. 100 cities, the prices of the 79 cities rose, less than in September, the number of cities in the chain fell, an increase of more than 3 in, the overall look, the city is still more than the rise of the city to fall more than a lot of more than 2 in September.

Wuhu, Changsha, Langfang, Nanchang and other cities in October to occupy the forefront of the rise in the price of 100 cities, while the previous rise in the second tier cities more fierce, prices are mostly down.

data show that in October the price of new homes in Nanjing rose only 0.44%, significantly lower than before – in September rose by 3.09%. In the country’s 16 hot cities, Shenzhen prices rose by 0.27%, the smallest increase, followed by Nanjing. The other 14 cities rose more than 1%.

into the statistics of 17 cities in Jiangsu, there are 15 cities rose. Changshu housing prices rose 3.57%, the biggest increase in Jiangsu in October, the city, Changzhou has also seen an increase of 3.36%. Huaian, Suzhou, Nantong, Kunshan and Xuzhou rose 2.78%, respectively, by 2.66%, 2.59%, 2.58%, and 2.18%. Wuxi, Lianyungang (601008, stock it), Suqian rose by more than 1%, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Taizhou, Jiangyin and Nanjing, the city’s rise in these cities are below 1%. Yancheng and Zhangjiagang prices fell 0.07%, respectively, is the only one of the 2 home prices fell in the city of 0.95%.

house prices really cool it? Nanjing new home prices rose only 0.44%, indicating that the policy is very effective in the domestic market is also of concern. China Index Research Institute believes that the national day before and after the introduction of a number of major cities in the country’s regulatory policies, the initial results achieved, the price of supply and demand is becoming more rational. From the demand side, irrational speculative investment demand is suppressed, hot city housing turnover fell; from the supply side, developers under the influence of policy actively adjust the marketing strategy, the new project pricing than expected callback. In the future, the effect of regulatory policy will continue to force the market, both supply and demand will be recommended

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