How about joining the western restaurant market analysis

venture success failure that too many cases, for those losers, whether you sum up the experience? For example, to join the western restaurant, only thinking about the expectations of Western food, and did not think about the degree of understanding of the profession and the ability to self capital is not appropriate.

1, of the dining environment for continuous improvement: all day and constantly improve the level, then the dining environment and health safety, nutrition, food demand is more and more high, the environment elegant, Western-style food strict demand for food hygiene, we seek to fit the fashionable, everyone to enjoy the warmth of the music, comfortable environment in the taste of delicacy.

2, the concept of continuous change in all costs: we spend idea now from the transition to eat healthy food, eat civilization, Western-style food precisely conform to the safety, whether nutrients, food quality, is the distinctive decoration environment, soft   beautiful music, quality of service, let people feel relaxed and comfortable, spend for western dining for identity is gradually warming up.

3, a lot of foreigners and overseas people add: domestic must find corresponding flavor restaurant to dine in foreign dining and the habit of the day, the number of meals in some restaurants, 90% for foreigners or returnees. These undoubtedly have a great role in promoting western food shopping malls.

4, in the Western cultural exchanges frequently: foreign films popular in people’s expectations, the film is the performance of foreign civilization, anticipated film natural attract many consumers are reluctant to enter the corresponding foreign flavor restaurant. If some Korean films in mainland China became popular, the corresponding increase in the Korean kimchi. These have a great role in promoting diet civilization. Together countries diet culture activities are held in our country, such as France, Australia, New Zealand, intelligence, Canada, the United States and other countries have done a lot of diet related publicity and promotion of civilization in our country, make our country enterprise, more consumers understand them, accept them.

5, the tourism development of femoral artery: richly endowed by nature of tourist attractions, coupled with convenient transportation, attract many foreign tourists, local stocks move Western-style food development, especially the hotel Western-style food, such as Tibet, Hainan, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places is developing rapidly, especially since the Tibet Lhasa railway after registration, attracted a lot of foreign tourists, then femoral artery and the local diet occupation, most people choose Western-style food special hotel, in the hotel dining.

6, restaurant chain and brand franchise restaurant to promote Western-style Food Development: some Taiwanese restaurants, restaurants, restaurants and other foreign social venture hotel chain restaurants and restaurant brands in the first occupation community to establish a good reputation, and then improve the consumers to know and understand the Western-style food. Such as the Moscow Restaurant, Maksim restaurant, pizza hut, Friday, leopard, greenery, matador, Wang steak, Asian Banana Leaf Restaurant, DIO coffee, Starbucks coffee, Shangri-La restaurant, Kempinski Hotel, Hill recommended

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