How to eat healthy vegetables come in autumn

in the summer after the beginning of autumn has come, a lot of people excited, the weather can finally cool, however, autumn comes and let people and a witness to the heat of cruelty. Autumn has been 10 days, Mofu is also coming, but this "autumn" enthusiasm, but let us feel the heat is still in. Autumn health focus is still hot, anti dry, cold air conditioning, enjoy at the same time, we should also pay attention to maintenance, can choose to eat more healthy food to ease zaore.

cucumber skin nutritional value is higher

cool tune: Well sliced cucumber, with salad sauce containing more fat, you can add yogurt or lemon juice, and apple, Cherry Tomatoes, banana and other edible Vegetable & Fruit collocation.

is cool, cucumber raw vegetables in the top three, but because some cucumber skin taste is bitter, quite a few people will cut off.

state level two public nutritionist Liu Yun pointed out that, in fact, the higher nutritional value of cucumber skin. Cucumber skin contains chlorogenic acid, not only has the antioxidant function, but also Qingrejiedu, stable blood sugar, and to some extent, enhance the body’s immune function."

eggplant peel is rich in anthocyanins, anti-aging

cool tune well: it can be steamed eggplant, steamed food, steamed, stir into mashed garlic and pepper Ding, with a small amount of hot oil poured, then stir evenly.

skin is really dark eggplant vegetables, rich nutrition, nutritional value with the lower. Liu Yun pointed out that, in fact, eggplant peel is rich in anthocyanins, is a natural anti-aging nutritional supplements. It has been proved that the antioxidant activity of anthocyanins is 50 times higher than that of vitamin, which is more than C times higher than that of vitamin E."

bitter gourd bitter sweet new eat

cool tune: first a well head of Balsam Pear Cut, gently with chopsticks turn to the flesh; to nuclear jujube soaked until soft, then rolled into the bitter gourd jujube meat; plug after the toothpick just cut off head; finally, steam for 15 minutes, and other cool sections. Pour honey or water osmanthus.

is already the beginning of autumn, bitter gourd is still good to dry, but the spleen deficiency should eat or not eat. A lot of people mention bitter gourd straight shook his head, in fact, can also be bitter gourd jujube meat, pouring honey to eat.

a lot of people know that some vegetables are cool, in the heat of the day is more appropriate to drink, but because they do not know how to cook, but also a variety of things not enough understanding of nutrition, resulting in waste of food. "There is no perfect food, only a reasonable match." Nutritionist Liu Yun stressed that in the selection of fresh health food

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