Clothing stores to join the management skills you remember it

now joined the clothing store opened entrepreneurs more and more, but most of these people are even novice entrepreneurs, guidance and support to the headquarters, there are a lot of business knowledge or skills they are difficult to grasp. The following small series for the reality of clothing stores often encounter problems, to explain some of the franchise stores to join the business skills.


1, in terms of purchase should pay attention to the place


opened a clothing store sometimes often sales next season clothes at the end of the season, but it should be noted that not only sales season clothes, because many people are buying clothes for now, see your store not all they need, then even try to Wangdu without. Like a coat, usually seasonal are relatively strong, easily swayed by the season, usually at this time, it is recommended to some not so strong seasonal goods, such as clothes pants with jewelry and bags and so on, then all the year round can wear jeans, pants, trousers, either. Shorts, with no time at all to wear.


when the guest enters your shop, guests would not try because its short sleeved, you can give her some bags and accessories, such as jeans, jeans of this kind, and guests can wear these instructions, what time, regardless of the season, spend money at a time, all the year round can collocation wear, very practical, try to make the guests try, and in the model, as a kind of fashion, some such collocation, naturally a little higher turnover.


2, pay attention to the problem of clothing prices


sometimes, with the changes of social environment, the guest consumption will decline, as it is now affected by a general rise in prices, the guest’s pocket money purchasing power is reduced, but saw his love style, or a desire to buy, but the price can not bear the problem, so to find the price the goods to cater to the customer’s consumption, but also very necessary. Want to take the price down, of course, does not allow you to find the wholesalers chaos Kanjia, wholesaler profits so that you will only bring chaos Kanjia, people’s eyes and ignore this, then it is not going to do.


like some of the same batch of goods, some goods back into the tail, to make the tail goods wholesalers hands, the wholesale price and the original price of a lot of difference, some ten dollars, ten, twenty of all, if you take a dozens of pieces, or one hundred, the total amount of poor hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, so the supply is also a problem, depending on how you look, get a good supply to you, you in the purchase, the remaining money is earned a net, if the purchase price is much lower than the local wholesale market, you shop the amount of running to the wholesale price, than a little bit. "

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