How to get a name

has a proper name for a hot pot restaurant, just as we have a proper name, which is a very important job. However, for the current number of investors, how to give the name of the hot pot restaurant is not easy. So, how do you get a name? Let western Europe Abu to introduce you to three methods.

according to the hot pot shop operating flavor named

Chongqing and Sichuan Hot pot in the Hot pot is famous for its spicy flavor, has a very high visibility, so if you are having a spicy taste Hot pot shop, Hot pot shop name natural and ultimately Chongqing XX or XX Hot pot spicy Hot pot, such as Sichuan, Sichuan hundred home Hot pot flavor, Hot pot Chongqing people Hot pot.

if not from Chongqing local Hot pot, but the same flavor, can also be an occasion to publicize the (when asked customers in a timely manner, "our chef from Chongqing"); at the same time this name highlights itself Hot pot shop features, let new customers reduce discrimination time.

hot pot shop decoration, restaurant size, consumption levels are affected by the name

is originally a small street that is not Hot pot shop, named "Shu Xiang products" or "a Shu" with elegant gas name, like this child to wear adult clothes, neither fish nor fowl. This small Hot pot shop in his own name on the name, for example: XX Zhou Hot pot shop, but Zhou affinity, more than two names are more suitable for the consumption level is slightly higher Hot pot shop, the name to have the charm, distinctive characteristics, also shows (Shu: Sichuan Hot pot stores usually used words).

"a product of the Royal pot," the name of the hot pot restaurant which type of hot pot shop? "Royal pot" itself is the Royal Palace Royal food, can highlight the Hot pot enterprise service grade and food grade, so that customers can enjoy the experience of name to high-grade, so the name is suitable for decoration luxury, high-end positioning of the Hot pot shop.

according to the hot pot shop strategic positioning named

most of the hot pot restaurants are in the local business, local diners more, especially in the service of an area, streets, communities, such a limited group, the name of the hot pot restaurant can highlight local characteristics. After all, people everywhere in his hometown of brand impression, such as the Chongqing Pakistan general Hot pot fully exploits the culture of Chongqing, the local characteristics, many outsiders have not heard, but in Chongqing the local shortage is very popular.

of course, the use of this method can be named, but also need to combine the development strategy to determine the store, if it is in the local development, this approach is very useful. But the name of a hot pot restaurant that is ready to enter the National hot pot market is very different

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