Nine secret trick allows workers to get rid of the title of the moonlight clan

now a lot of office workers have a new title, moonlight clan, especially after 80, 90, a month to be able to pay more than a few people basically! What is life to be frugal, to keep the present desire, always give yourself a reason?. Many of the new human hedonism, may never considered to answer myself the question, what is the most concerned thing in your life, what can arouse your passion, what can make you feel really happy? They will say, now the most important, who can manage something in the future, and to say it.

1, from the salary setting aside part of the monies, 5%, 10%, 25%, it must be kept.

2, figuring out your money daily, weekly and monthly flows where, is the detailed budget and expense.

3, and check all receipts, make sure there is no extra charge.

4, bank cards keep just one, to prove their identity is enough.

5, take food to work, every year can save 2000 yuan, use it to store for retirement fund.

6, and ride public transport to work, save parking fees, gasoline fee, insurance premium and parking time.

7, read more about the repair, investment rich practical manual, the best from the library, or downloaded from the Internet to save money.

8, simplify your life, the house not too big, buy second-hand goods, cheap shops, auction and shopping.

Don’t forget to buy things,

life more worth exploring experience, in order to obtain the true happiness, must be frugal, control their own spending, focus on fulfilling your dreams. That’s why we live frugally. Financial management must be frugal, thrifty need you have passion for life.


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