Use hot spots to promote the site

station in the process of operation are considered network promotion in many ways, such as SEO, advertising, soft, more bad means such as spam, forums irrigation machines, but these are not actually promotion activities to promote the use of hot way.

every month every week and every day there are many Internet wide processes such as hot spots, the recent spread of earth hour, in fact, is a very good activity, because it belongs to public welfare, so it will not have a negative impact, but this activity also has a bad place, there is as time limit. So the period is too short, if there is one that can continue to focus activities, then the effect will be very good, such as the mummy recently also participated in this event, also gain a certain effect.

in addition, there are a lot of activities can be used as the site itself operating activities as a promotion, such as the organization of single men and women paired, and then publicized, there will be a lot of visitors and participants, and in each year of the super woman, it is actually a hot fast diffusion, use this time to do to play, you can also achieve good results.

this is very similar to the now widely used publicity strategy, the use of hot events, of course, the best hot events can be converted into their own website activities, rather than simply reports, can be the controversial topic of the website, or the organization of targeted activities, so the effect is very good, so we want to use more hot and promotion activities, browse more people, more and more people took part in, the effect is very good, far better than other means of marketing, because the user’s enthusiasm and viscosity is very high, which helps to improve member loyalty.

of course will have a flexible way, set hot not rigid, then the effect may be counterproductive, but some very simple activities can bring good results, such as the mummy tissue product trial, many members have a tendency to be cheap, if tissue product trial, free low activity then, will bring the good experience of membership.

, of course, more skills have yet to be excavated webmaster, I hope we can learn from each other

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