Number of electricity providers to improve the free package post threshold to raise the minimum to 4

online shopping consumers accustomed to B2C electricity supplier Website Package post, may not be so easy. Recently, a number of domestic electricity providers have gradually increased free shipping standards, the minimum threshold to 48 yuan.

said the Jingdong at the beginning of the month, in addition to diamond member free shipping over 59 yuan, other members increased from 59 yuan to 79 yuan, less than the amount required to add 5 yuan freight. also announced that the single orders over the amount of 48 yuan less than the amount of free delivery, to the other 5 yuan freight charge. Previously, Amazon raised free shipping standards to 99 yuan, easy fast from $29 to $49. However, the United States online old members of the purchase of self goods is not free to set the threshold, 1 shop will also be free of charge to reduce the cost of the 11 provinces to $58.

package post threshold increased, the daily consumption of online shopping small commodities have a certain impact. There are online shopping Daren said that in the future will be a careful look at the online shopping orders before the electricity supplier delivery range, time and cost, reduce impulse consumption.

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