Stupid wolf on the weighting factor in the terminal of the suffix

in recent years, with the advent of the new domain name suffix, there are more and more domain name investors concerned about the development of the new suffix, there are some investors in the new suffix to get a lot of harvest. But more investors are wrestling with the new suffixes.

new suffix so that the terminal does not know, always want to get a lot of all the suffix, but this is limited to the number of leaders and employees on the network and domain names and the level of domain name management. So in reality, the majority of enterprises only take a few related suffix with one of them to do stand, several other forwards, but more companies are, a contentment.

but the registry does not give up the introduction of the new suffix. Mobi and Asia can be seen in the registration bureau for the suffix and industrial segmentation and regional segmentation of the chain. And now the introduction of a variety of suffixes will be more free to make the distinction between the suffix and personal interest.

but now the focus is that so many suffixes in the eyes of the terminal, he is the most important one of the


COM… This suffix has ICANN in the background, needless to say, can make a lot of Companies in the world, the use of a large company assured.

CN, US, EU… Domain names, has a strong national strength in the back support, but also by the domestic and international enterprises.

MOBI, ASIA, etc. some relative background of the company to support the suffix for investors concerned, but for businesses, mostly praised.

Stupid wolf

analysis: the selection of

determinants of domain name suffix

1: brands, such as com, net, org, and the like of the domain name, such as the old brand, who who assured.

2: visibility, such as CC, why choose CC a lot of enterprises? One of the main reasons is that CC propaganda (not to discuss how the domain name is CC, there are a lot of publicity) enterprises know, most enterprises do not understand the knowledge of the Internet, see someone with, see great publicity, he tried to use.

3: background, companies use the domain name, of course, is the security of the first, so the support of the suffix to the company to be strong, CN by a country to support, you said the enterprise will not use it?

Conclusion: Although

enterprises do not know much about the Internet, but the choice of domain name like and find a partner, if your domain name (partner) no reliable factors mentioned above it, it will allow enterprises to choose


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