Red man behind the net such as Han CEO rare speech secret network red formula

as one of the founder of Han Technology and CEO Feng Min photography /


1.2015 of the first people in the network is actually the Luo thinking Luo Zhenyu. High color value, high grade, will dress up is also a very important ability, with high value.

2 with the star ratio, net red has the right to look up to the angle + temperature interaction = most traffic value, the most suitable for the transaction.

3 Reds economy strong liquidity is essentially providing integrated solutions for users, bring a lot of opportunities for non-standard products.

finishing / reporter Xu Lu

world network operators

even in the fashion and clothing industry is not interested in people, but also in 2015 heard the word "net red".

in the literal sense, red net first to beautiful, high fashion, good collocation, have higher visual acuity, the key is that the network has a large number of red recognized its aesthetic output of fans, and there was a business shop.

go against the red net model is on the rise, in 2015 known as the first year of the red net model. In such a trend, the network red incubator, such as electricity providers came into being. Since its establishment in 2014, the first network of red shops, such as the electricity supplier has been signed nearly 50 net red shop, which is the most representative of the red Zhang Dayi and its stores, but also become a benchmark model of the net red.

technology helps to expand their network of Han red influence, will flow into the transaction, and open up the garment industry to the back-end supply chain resources, so that in the establishment of soon to achieve profitability, and ranks among the leading position in the electricity supplier industry red net.

is one of the founders of science and technology such as the following culvert and CEO Feng Min in the "2016 New Year Festival" speech on the network of

what is called net red

someone gave me a nickname, called "red net behind the man, that today I will first come to the red net name with you talk about my heart for the definition of red net.

assumes that we are simply classified into three categories: science students, liberal arts students, art students. No matter what a field at the top of the Pyramid population is a wind water vapor. But on the waist of the elite crowd, the difference is still great. Horizontal analogy, in the waist science students have been through their own talent to get a good return on income, such as investment advisers, fund managers and the like. The liberal arts students, the use of social media platform, or become a self media blogger, or a book will be realized IP. Only in the waist of this group of art students, has not been very good returns. In the traditional concept, can be linked with diploma degree, but in my opinion, high color value, high grade, will dress up is also a very important ability, with high value.

I think 2015, net red first person

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