91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin Mobile nternet investment tends to be cautious

held in May 10th 2012, the global mobile Internet Conference, Netdragon’s 91 radio launched the "91 win matrix" developer cooperation program, started to gather small developers to enter the 91 mobile open platform, provides a new choice for small and medium-sized developers. Under the "flexible, service, sharing, win-win" principle, the 91 will be coordinated with the developers the flexibility into proportion, present in all other application channels under the fixed proportion, this is undoubtedly the most striking feature of the 91 platform, 91 move intended to foster and attract small developers, grab the platform competition the most valuable content resources. In an interview with the media, the 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin analysis of the current situation of the mobile Internet business, and share the product concept of the 91 assistants, the following is an interview record:


entrepreneurial state: now many developers do not make money, to help developers, 91 what specific measures?

Hu Zemin: we do a lot of things: first, to increase the basic input from the server and bandwidth to our system, game developers through the joint promotion of money, we want to join in the application of advertising, we will come up with about one hundred million of the advertising resources to help small developers to. Finally, we open the Internet with IDG increased investment in small funds, the scale of 100 million yuan, for a better early developer to give you some cash support.

Entrepreneurship: how to design the product to meet the market demand?

Hu Zemin: planning products according to each developer’s ability and interests, their own judgment, how to look at this product, I always contact with the developers said, you join the mobile Internet business is very good, the industry is not to turn the world upside down ten years there will be changes, but I also see a lot of the developer is currently more plagiarism, foreign popular which products to make a similar product, they often overlook another problem, that is what they want to provide what kind of value for the user, what kind of problem, for entrepreneurs, at this point must be have a very clear understanding, in order to make a good product, the product itself is full of vitality. When we do 91 wireless, the starting point of the most simple, the most basic, is to solve our own needs, through 91 wireless provide many opportunities for us, if the developers do not own the product, how about the user experience, the product of course there is no possibility of success.

entrepreneurial state: the future of mobile Internet which kind of content will become the focus of the development of the platform

Hu Zemin: the game, is the market leading us to the game development, now the Chinese intelligent terminal number, after reaching a base, the game is in the mobile Internet application has been very strong, especially in people’s life. "

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