Blah what nonsense pornographic images called forbidden

      view of Internet Conference, nearly poly Techweb dinner, Ma Huateng, Ding Lei, Li Kaifu, radiant, horn, Liu Xingliang, catcher in the best of spirits……

      then, laughing, pointing out the network of rivers and lakes, in the wrong cup, what countless rumors!

      the following dialogue fragment and all that is true, but you don’t take it personally! Laugh, laugh or have good.

      what is forbidden pornography?

      below the chest, abdomen above, no cover, are called pornographic pictures. "That’s not a bikini?" "No, the abdomen is closed and the need, prevent colds!" But remember: men and women kissing is not forbidden. Men and men are forbidden to kiss, women and women kiss!

      why should be Baidu search?

      a "digital.Com" website, very cow B! Baidu spiders abruptly put the mask off, do not let your Baidu search! Why? First, I am not easy to produce the content, be your search to engage in the rankings and engage in the auction, your stock price over 300 dollars, the money I? Two, I have the contents of "419" suspects, understand the nature, do not understand on your Baidu good……

      what is Ding Lei playing?

      since the beginning of the Internet Conference, you received an invitation to the network chiefs, the legendary vice premier will be interviewed. So almost every big brother. However, due to temporary changes, the Deputy Prime Minister did not come. So they go away, stay stay. Ding Lei left the adults have been playing mobile phone. A gentleman passing by Ding Lei side, suddenly heard the familiar QQ drops, drops sound, a gentleman exultation, the original Ding Lei participants have been playing the phone is on the QQ ah!" This sentence, spread to me here, is said to have been the 9999th hand.

      how to make money with Dr. Li Kaifu?

      A.: using Dr. Li Kaifu to make money in four steps,

      the first step, "IT Longmen invited Dr. Kaifu array teaching";

      the second step, "go to Tsinghua University POSTER";


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