Wo Wo Group’s highest financing 66 million Protection 2 digital domain name 55 com

renamed China (eName.cn) February 5th news, Wo Wo Group today to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus supplement document (F-1/A). Wo Wo Group 55tuan.com and domain name, stock code "WOWO".

Wo Wo Group

(ie Wowo mall) the official domain name is 55tuan.com, and Wo Wo Group in the earlier acquisition of homonym, and protect the digital domain 55.com stack.



: Wo Wo Group

as a terminal is not only the acquisition of group purchase website, Wo Wo Group was founded in March 2010, the group purchase cut living services providers in the field. In July 2014, Wo Wo Group will launch online mall model upgrade, by providing businesses own online shop through.

and Wo Wo Group even have their own stock, stock code "WOWO". Wo Wo Group is the first two words of the pinyin.

query China renamed whois information, WOWO related domain name was registered as a space, WOWO.com/.cn/.net has been registered.

in the prospectus, the concept of Wowo mall proposed for the service life of the local e-commerce platform, currently three core products: Wowo mall and mobile client, our e-commerce operating system.

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