Following the line of the marriage of Ali Suning line again to Wanda Suning stores will be settled

Abstract: in September 6th, Suning and Wanda announced a strategic cooperation in Beijing. Suning stores will be stationed in the existing Wanda Plaza, Wanda will also provide resources for the development of Suning custom development, the two sides identified the first cooperation projects for 40.


parade holiday just passed, Suning and Wanda announced "rushed together". This morning, Suning and Wanda announced a strategic cooperation in Beijing. Suning stores will be stationed in the Wanda Plaza, Wanda will Suning property resources development cooperation project customization, the first set to 40, two degrees "handshake" Wang Jianlin and Zhang Jindong, also means "Su million" hand hearsay realized half.

in July this year, Suning Group Chairman Zhang Jindong had visited Wanda headquarters. Then, at the beginning of the August "Zijin summit, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin also appeared in the general assembly, he said in a speech, is to discuss cooperation with suning. In the afternoon, Suning has announced a marriage with ALI, announced a strategic investment to expand online.

for the cooperation with Wanda, Suning said the main reason is the fancy Wanda property resources, to improve the line experience, to Wanda open interface, retailers and developers hope that through cooperation, to explore the store next line customization.

Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong scene said: Wanda and Suning complementary the same concept, advantage, both sides can integrate resources, innovation and cooperation. On the line, Suning has opened an interface to Alibaba, the ability to fully export retail CPU. Under the line, Wanda will also open the interface, as our closest partners.

however, this Suning, Wanda cooperation does not involve capital operation or asset trading level, the specific operation is this:

Su ningyun shop will be stationed in the existing Wanda Plaza, Suning will according to the different characteristics of each Wanda Plaza cloud store category combination and planning; while in the newly opened Wanda Plaza, Wanda will be based on the design and operation of Suning stores, Suning property resources development and customization, jointly explore new the commercial custom mode, to meet consumer personalized shopping experience.

and Wanda, the cooperation can enrich the experiential consumption Wanda Plaza, Wanda Plaza help to continue to enhance the passenger flow. Although Suning also has its own stores and offline asset business, but the cloud store settled Wanda is a complementary nature of the scarcity of operating properties, and Wanda real estate does not conflict. Implication, but also revealed the future of Suning may adopt more customization development stores, rather than buy graveyard.

for the cooperation with Suning, Wang Jianlin said at the scene, Wanda and Suning two major brands of cooperation, both Wanda Plaza and Su Ningyun are significant positive, he summed up the three points:

is a strong cooperation, cooperation to do big things;


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