Mobile nternet hidden industry chain piracy and crack channel tampering APP profit

had Lanna evening show "over the tip of the iceberg, on the Internet China underground world", there stands the five hills: hackers (Hacker), pornography, gambling, black PR and 50 Fen party. They are at the edge of the law, but affect the network environment of ordinary users, and even participate in the development of ground rules.

there are places where rivers and lakes, mobile Internet is also the same as the underground world. Unlike the PC of the Internet is that it can not see the light, more often with fraud and other coercive means, self-interest, poor performance of the most prominent is the piracy and crack, tampering with APP profit channel.

Gu Xiaobo NetEase science and Technology issued a document to expose the underground order of the mobile Internet secret industry chain:


application easily cracked one channel SDK


in a number of application stores appear cottage application is not plagiarism, but the original application decompile, tamper with the third channels through their own channels to re live shelves.

use to break APP, the channel has three kinds of ways to make money, 1, built-in advertising SDK replaced its own app store ad SDK, forced to push advertising to earn advertising fees; 2, add malicious code to download the APP secretly in the background, automatically deleted after the installation, according to the number of activation of charge promotion expenses; 3. Replace the application of the payment system, the payee will point to their own, or add the script to steal user account password in the login system.


malicious code will don’t pay much attention at such time for users to download APP, secretly downloaded in the background automatically deleted after the installation, the user is unaware of, but the channel can be valued by CPA activation volume to developers for money, each mobile phone to activate one earned two dollars promotion fee, then a good network a mobile phone can download dozens of one night, and users are completely unaware. And the malicious code is usually not included in pirated APP, so they can easily through a variety of security monitoring, run automatically after download malicious script from the cloud, delete the local data execution is completed, untraceable.

A channel

a domestic third party application store that do most of these channels is SP background, they will go to download APK, to break through the underlying technology, shelves in their own channels, or break into a number of large overseas game promotion channels, then through these games push advertising.

"sometimes one or two people can do such WebUnion, such as my own do break, you are the app store or website editor, you help me to do the promotion, I earn money and into you." The source disclosed.

pirated apps flood Android developers or yield or tolerate

if you crack the APK source code, you can extract one of the resources, the production of another game on the line, the game is exactly the same as the original, so that the software is usually free to download, by implanting >

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