White hat survival model is based on reward or blackmail That’s what Zhou Hongyi thinks

The famous

vulnerability reporting platform cloud network, has always been to "the guardian" role of the behavior of the Internet world, but its pattern came from some controversy, some people see it as a "cloud cover in the era of information thieves and Internet companies head a warning, some people will curse" it may be regarded as the industry bomb detonated at any time. At the end of July this year, the first is the famous "white hat" Yuan Wei was arrested, then the cloud network, "including the founder of a number of executives were arrested, the platform was broken shut down, successive events once again sparked great debate for the white hat hacking boundary.


previously, surging news reports, recording some of the industry’s point of view:

domestic hacker community godfather, Tencent Xuanwu laboratory director Yu Yang: "many people may not know: according to the second paragraph of article 285 explain" criminal law "and relevant judicial authentication information, access to the invasion of financial securities system identity more than 10, the general system of more than 500, can be sentenced."

software professionals "Su Li": "the boundary and never so clear: ‘white hat’ in unauthorized penetration of a website or server under the condition of test, and the real hackers to steal data to do the preparatory work is as like as two peas. The only difference after the discovery of vulnerabilities on the disposal, is reported to the manager, or sell the stolen data."

Study on long term IT industry

lawyer Zhao Zhanling: "if the final judgment constitutes a crime, it will cause a great shock to the" white hat "groups, no" white hat "dare to find loopholes in the website, it is very unfavorable for the information security of the commercial interests of the enterprise and the user."

and the Internet security conference held in August 16th, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the board has a similar platform, also accepted the southern reporter interview, published a number of their own views on the 360.

he affirmed the importance of "white hat" for business:

The existence of

"WhiteHat" is very important, a large number of back door on the network, the vulnerability is unknown, must be through the simulation of offensive and defensive to find their weaknesses, as the military training to fight against a group of truth." Zhou Hongyi told reporters in Nandu, "but they don’t get the respect they deserve."

is mainly a lot of Web site security awareness, they feel that they are just a small site, and there is no sensitive information, there is no possibility of being attacked." Zhou Hongyi said, for example, 360 days prior to the discovery of a higher vulnerability, but informed after nearly half a year without repair. "One of the students in the campus BBS ID password may be his Alipay ID, this is a process of" fiddling ". If a store was found to have a fire hazard defense will be ordered rectification, but the network security rules are missing. I hope the country can have some policy provisions, such as how long it must be found in the ring

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