Risk investment list and contact must find VC mail list

I’m a data collector…… Collect a lot of information…… Unfortunately, Hangzhou is not much. A mess of contacts a lot. Anyway, people lazy, temporarily do not need. When the mood is good to hair…… Ha-ha。 Don’t ask me. See mood, ha ha…… Data sharing. Please distinguish carefully. Don’t blame me for misleading…… Haha…… People who pay attention to my blog will pay close attention to it. I won’t let you down…… Media contact with the IT industry, especially in Beijing, Guangzhou, especially in particular, the whole. Share a little bit of interest. Not to do bad things. I always feel that this network should be shared by

, part of Shanghai

1, Acer technology investment Cmc Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd Shanghai representative office:

address: No. 398 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai city

century bus building, 11 floor, room E, www.itdb.cn

zip code: 200020

Tel: 021-63868708

Fax: 021-63868709

email: [email protected]

2, Shanghai venture capital company

address: Shanghai City, No. 1634 Huaihai Road Chinese 2 floor, zip code: 200031

Tel: (8621) fax to the venture capital department (8621) 64336311


e-mail: [email protected]

URL: www.shvc.com.cn

4, China Merchants Fuxin Asset Management Limited

China Merchants & Fortune Management Ltd. (Shanghai)


Suite 1115, Lippo Plaza, No.222,

Huai M. Road, Shanghai,

, Hai

China, P.R.C.

Tel: 86-21-5396-5589

Fax: 86-21-5396-5530

http://s.www.vcfortune.com [email protected] Liu Hongbin

5, Shanghai Huaying venture capital fund management Co., Ltd. (key)


Shanghai City, Xuhui District Huaihai Road 1010.

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