Small business website heating prices to share traffic advertising


when the electricity supplier winter "was mentioned more and more small vertical class electricity supplier selection to avoid air, explore a Baotuan heating, complementary cooperation road. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] reported after a medium-sized business advertising grappling with enthusiasm, "said electric winter" with more and more calm of the capital market to be mentioned. The small vertical class electricity supplier selection to avoid the air, explore a Baotuan heating, complementary cooperation road. The first attempt is initiated by the net net, wow, every moment, at the beginning of 100 elegant, high street network to participate in a month long joint promotional activities.

is the form of joint promotion, five electricity supplier unified expansion of the promotional activities include the entrance of the promotional page, the user clicks on the page will be diverted to various sites. At the same time, the five electricity suppliers will also work together to promote the outside world. The event was launched on December 1st.

Wow CEO Zhao Jingwen

launched the event said that after may swap advertising, "we will discuss if the result is good, we are behind other forms of promotion, offline activities can also be."

advertising prices hold together to deal with

e-commerce market fiery hot advertising market, online portals, search engines, navigation website advertising, display advertising and offline prices are soaring. Music Amoy network CEO Bi Sheng (micro-blog) had publicly said that this year, the cost of music Amoy marketing costs accounted for more than 50% of the total. Baidu is also a position of advertising last year, 350 thousand per month, this year has risen to 8 million.

participated in the five home appliance supplier joint promotion network CEO Ju Xiao day also said advertising prices are too high, difficult to bear, "we are fifty thousand or sixty thousand a month in the hao123 link at the beginning of last year, now a month about one million. It was up 50% every six months, and now it is up every month, up nearly six or seven times a year, I feel too impetuous."

Zhao Jingwen said the biggest motivation is to hold together the cost saving, resource sharing, "non advertising price rational investment down after the output and input is not completely consistent, we feel that there are many ways of promotion, we can share the resources is the best, so the cost can be saved, second can explore new cooperation mode."

to share traffic and user

Zhao Jingwen expressed this proposal on micro-blog, the response of thirty or forty home appliance supplier, ultimate cosmetics shopping network every day, casual clothing brand masamaso network, Home Furnishing shopping network, elegant 100 famous sale network of high street network with crafts trading platform network wow five home appliance supplier together.

can be seen, these five appliance manufacturers are unique, focused on the field of subdivision and the formation of a certain brand, the

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