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station network (www.admin5.com) April 8th news, since 2008, APP Store, APP have become one of countless entrepreneurs developers competing to snatch a big gold mine! This big gold also makes developers tasted the sweetness, so a large number of APP began to crazy, today our topic is about the rampant APP

what should we do?

increasingly flooding APP

APP is one of the greatest feature is the short life cycle of the well-known to us! I guess you draw, the temple escape had become fashionable for a time. But with the development of more APP these APP become fashionable for a time and forgotten, perhaps this and consumers love, so developers are faced with how to extend the life cycle of the problem. More and more developers playing the edge ball to develop some idea, not the quality of the application, perhaps they can pass the examination, but the difference of application downloads and is not recommended to. But as long as the developers will apply some mobile advertising platform advertising plug-in embedded in their own, can be settled in advertising, and the high cost of inputs to the development and promotion, rather crudely made to the fast, although not a lot of money but "why Many a little make a mickle.! The reason for this result is mainly because of the lack of supervision system is brewing APP record! As early as the end of the 12 year ministry news, but this proposal is easier said than done!

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independent APP spring where

in the future of independent APP road is also not good! Ali acquired ink weather news also reported in a period of time before completion of the layout of the mobile terminal in the three Internet giants has been heard this news. Perhaps for some independent users of APP to find a backer is a good choice! According to a survey by AI media consulting, application developers more than 60% said in the profit model encountered great challenges, while 57% of developers said in the promotion of links is difficult. Promotion of high cost, difficult realization, finally, a large number of individual developers to survive tough. For independent APP how profitable, not through advertising. But advertising will affect the user experience, a team of developers to profit if only it is not a long way through advertising! So for independent APP have two options, either by giants acquisitions, either on their own to find another way to


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