Ministry of public security to investigate illegal websites 4207 Zhongguancun online was named

news September 12th, the Ministry of public security website news shows, since May this year, the Ministry of public security public security organs nationwide network security department carried out involving Internet fraud and other multiple crime network service platform of special rectification, severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities involving the network, as of now has to clear the illegal information related to more than 12.2, shutting down 23 thousand illegal account a, investigate and deal with illegal websites 4207, destroyed more than 300 criminal gangs, and seized more than 3400 suspects, a group of online security mess "effective governance.


Ministry of public security to investigate illegal websites 4207 Zhongguancun online was named

special rectification work, the public security organs cracked a number of cases involving network fraud. Chongqing police cracked a part-time Taobao shop on behalf of the brush reputation as the name of implementing fraud, criminal suspects detained 9 people, involving more than 1.7 fraudulent transactions, involving more than 2000 yuan; Shanghai police cracked a series of recruitment fraud, the use of pseudo base implementation of fraud, criminal suspects arrested 153 people involved. The amount of more than 1500 yuan; Henan public security organs cracked open shop to collect membership fee, fee for the implementation of fraud, fraud destroyed 6 dens and arrested 98 suspects; Inner Mongolia public security organs cracked the implementation of fraud pseudo base station communication link case of phishing sites along the line, destroyed 2 criminal gangs, restore the victim economic loss of more than 170 yuan.

recently, the Ministry of public security to the deployment of local public security organs network security department for the existence of a large number of sales of firearms and ammunition, personal information, bank cards and drugs, pornography and other illegal information "clove", "Zhongguancun online", "mobile phone home", "cool information network", "ETUDE style", "love night show 9 websites, and there are a lot of Trojan virus download software and mobile phone APP" swim fast network "and" flying download "," Digital Resources Network "," Kuwait Software Park "4 software download site to carry out remediation listing order rectification website.

public security organs hope that the community and the masses to report, joint supervision of the site fully fulfill their social responsibilities, and jointly resist the prevention of illegal activities involving network. Ministry of public security network crime reporting website ( will receive timely social reporting, timely disposal feedback. (Ming Yu)

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