To search DNSPod build the domain to obtain new experience

domain name after the search for a headache to identify the problem will be effectively resolved. Recently, the Tencent announced that it will cooperate with the DNS search service providers DNSPod, DNSPod will provide data for future search of domain name and IP address, so the search engine grab domain will be more efficient and accurate.

it is understood that the newly registered domestic Internet every day the domain name and domain name IP address changes in the millions, if these changes cannot be found in the search engine or acquisition, will reduce the search engine speed, increase the pressure analysis of search engine and the DNS service provider, and reduce the DNS service provider’s service quality, and directly affect the traffic to these sites.

"search partnership with DNSPod to ensure that the future of new registered domain name search can be quickly capture the domain name, IP address changes can also be identified as soon as possible so that the benefits that search, search engines can change according to the real-time information of the domain name domain name recognition accurately and efficiently, timely extraction of normal domain, to avoid the previous the new domain name capture slow defects. This cooperation can be said is a model of win-win model, search for its IP address resolution will be greatly improved, thereby reducing the pressure on the search engine DNS, can be quickly search search engine grab, included in the new DNSPod IP address, DNSPod for users to ensure the quality of service, which is the webmaster can benefit from saving website promotion cost." Soso responsible person said.

According to

DNSPod founder Wu Hongsheng, DNSPod is the first to provide free smart DNS products website, DNS resolved to free, pay for value-added services including security, provide technical support and independent server. Committed to providing all kinds of sites with high quality telecommunications, Netcom, educational network, or three lines of intelligent free analysis service. The advantage of DNSPod service stability, convenient management, account management can be a multiple domain names, there are currently 340 thousand to 350 thousand main domain, about 200 second level domain name resolution request response DNS daily about 4 billion 200 million times.

in view of this, the DNSPod configuration data to provide strong support for the future search, registered on the DNSPod website IP changes, search, to find the first time, to ensure the recognition accuracy of the main station and sub station, the site is also more efficient scheduling.

in the past because of some reasons, the domain name will be adjusted, while the content of the space has not changed, but it will affect the search engines, which not only mislead search engines, but also slowed down the process of the new domain name recognition. But soso and DNSPod cooperation is just to solve this problem, even if the domain name IP address changes, the search can still identify quickly and accurately, will not affect the normal web crawling and collection work, ensure the service quality of search engines." An industry expert analysis.

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