Price domain p2p com theft black prison into industry precedent

news July 26th, foreign media news, the day before the domain name theft case, the hacker Daniel Goncalves was sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing a domain name which is the world’s first concern at home and jailed in jail, the domain name industry. domain name is the Internet business people who hold Ostrofsky, Goncalves and Daniel after hackers steal NBA Mark Madsen sold to former players in at a price of $121 thousand, resulting in the loss of Ostrofsky, after the domain has been recovered, so Goncalves is also accused of, this is the first history for the theft of domain name in the United States by criminal prosecution.

this case is an important precedent, there is no clear legal documents to protect the domain, but the domain name in case, make great relief, this case will cause about how to protect these valuable property of the new legislation, at the same time, this means that the future of the law on the protection of the domain name domain name will be slowly fill the blank in the future, will be more beneficial to the interests of the owner of the domain name protection.

P2P is English Peer-to-Peer, also known as the "point to point", "equivalence" technology is a new network technology, domain name registration in 1995, has been 16 years of time, the domain name has been renew until 2017, the domain name information change to Albert · Angela (Albert Angel).

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