WeChat O2O closed loop system is not how to tap large data mining gold


editor’s note: the number of users of WeChat more than 200 million, equivalent to 1/3 of China Mobile mobile phone users, the Chinese Unicom mobile phone users. On this basis, to promote the Tencent’s own idea of "two-dimensional code + account system +LBS+ pay + relationship chain O2O closed-loop system is not smooth, then the pony brother’s message is to build WeChat big data open platform, it will open up user data will be how much energy? How can we exploit these big data

?The following

tiger sniffing author Qinglong old thief:


Tencent is opening up the strategy to the mobile Internet, which is the 2012 mobile developers conference in the pony pass information.

WeChat, the mobile Internet is currently the most successful application of Tencent, but also the history of the Internet is the fastest growth of new software, known as the Chinese fourth operators, what role it will play in the opening strategy will play what role? My opinion is: if QQ and Qzone is a big data open platform Tencent PC end so, WeChat will become a big data open platform mobile Tencent.

still remember a month ago WeChat team announced that the number of users exceeded two hundred million WeChat, when the number of Chinese smart phone users by 290 million, that is, WeChat has covered nearly 7 users. The industry exclaimed the envy of WeChat is also concerned about the future path of development, is to create a precise marketing media platform, or a closed loop business platform,

or both?

time in the past month, WeChat has suspended the certified public account (Tencent, deputy general manager of the electricity supplier service life department) Dai Zhikang’s WeChat membership card promotion road is long way to go and you will be on the exploration, so for WeChat to explore the commercialization of many people questioned the pony brother mentioned in the Internet Conference on September with the popularity of WeChat two-dimensional code, the layout of O2O target can be realized? I’m skeptical, although WeChat has open platform, but the interface is only superficial, unable to meet the needs of third party developers, will not have the very high value, but the pony brother has clearly intimated. The test will gradually open QQ chain, there may even be chain WeChat, which makes me very much looking forward to relying on the huge user data as the basis, with open Do the mentality of the platform, WeChat’s potential is definitely can be tapped, or say Sina micro-blog real competition from now on.

talk about big data

big data is the hottest concept since the cloud platform. With the rise of social media, according to the analysis, data mining, Internet marketing products more and more, most of the service for the enterprise, or to promote their products, more classic case is beautiful, mogujie.com said, while the recent popularity of "pops" is relying on Sina micro-blog users rapid development of the relations between users every day, tens of thousands of downloads reached. To >

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