The Ministry of public security supervision of online dissemination of pornographic material sentenc

The online dissemination of pornographic materials

supervised by the Ministry of public security in the country have a significant impact on the profit case, by the Shandong Shanxian County procuratorate prosecution, the day before the case principal Lubin by the court sentenced 10 years imprisonment and fined 30 thousand yuan.

, the 27 year old Lubin, the Department of Shanxian County Cao Zhuang Xiang Lu garden village. More than six years of college graduation, Lubin has been working in a computer company in Shanghai, a professional computer training, proficient in network technology. But he did not have the expertise to use the right path. At the beginning of 2006, he began to "living Buddha", "wind" through the net, Internet agents, rental in the United States, Canada server address, on the Internet has created a "huaheshang" and "Cougar club" and "Purgatory island", "heh Point Military Academy" and "child pornography by alliance" website, recruitment management, membership, advertising, illegal profits, and to "He Cizhang", "Li Jianhao", "Lin", "Liu Hualin", a pseudonym in a bank account, as income funds into the account of yellow website. To the end of 2007 when the incident, in the development of about 200000 members, upload pornographic pictures 3025, obscene articles 3800, pornographic movie 13, for users to directly link, download and browsing, the illegal income of more than 50 yuan.

according to prosecutors, Lubin created many illegal websites registered members, browse volume, unhealthy content spread quickly, especially deep harm to young adults is rare, very bad social influence, Party committees and governments at all levels pay close attention to. The supervision by the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province, Heze City, the relevant departments jointly listed specifically, because in the case of cyber crime, regional span, crime for a long time, the evidence is very difficult, only the investigation for almost a year, the Shanxian County procuratorate prosecution is also a severe test. Previously, Shanxian County academy has never handled such cases, prosecutors handling the boundary exploration, eventually led to the successful prosecution case, make criminal punishment. The successful handling of the case, an effective fight against cybercrime, purify the network environment.

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