The game site turned open casino Less than two years to gain 756 million

knock on the keyboard "in less than two years 756 million profit earning large quantities of gold each day"

online game virtual currency is widely used in online game business services. However, a chess game site in Zhejiang of Wenzhou, through the manipulation of private money business transactions of virtual currency, it will become a public website casino, in less than two years 756 million yuan of illegal profits, game operators, "silver", "network occupation gamblers" formed a chain of interest earned enormous profits.

online number of participants over two thousand

Virtual currency

knock on the keyboard from the source of energy has been converted into cash? Sounds like Arabian Nights, however, the Wenzhou police investigation before the formal website allegedly opened the network casino case shows, Ou Le chess website with this form of profit of 756 million yuan in just a year’s time, the funds of about 2 billion 800 million yuan.

according to the introduction, in October 15, 2009, Wenzhou Ruian jinhaiwei and Shen Yi investment registered in Ruian City, the new network technology Co. Ltd., a business network called Ou Le chess game, game player in the game of mahjong, poker, Pai Gow by means of each other for gambling, gambling chips for virtual currency "the game’s music beans".

in order to attract people use gambling website virtual currency "Le beans" network gambling, Jin Haiwei, Shen Yi and others secretly instructed the company’s technical staff, to modify the website backstage data produced by computer program, a large number of manufacturing virtual currency "Le beans" to "network silver" Yu Huang and, by two people per 10 million "happy beans" exchange 500 yuan to 600 yuan price to sell to other virtual currency dealers or game player.

game trading price stability and raise of the virtual currency, the gambling personnel will win the virtual currency exchange to le Dou yuan, the site also ordered the "silver" through the Internet 24 hours shifts recovery "happy beans". In addition, the gang still in the game design of the robot (20.960, -0.18, -0.85%) program, and filled with a large number of registered account robot virtual currency Le beans, automatic on-line Zuozhuang gambling and the game of gambling in the game, in order to attract popularity, consumption and recovery of virtual currency gambling personnel.

most of the day, the site profit about 10000000 yuan. We all feel a little scared, "Jin Haiwei told the police.

"normal game website, it only issued a virtual currency, let the game player entertainment by using virtual currency; once it is recovery of virtual currency, virtual currency can be exchanged with RMB free, into chips, on suspicion of casino crimes." Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Case Investigation Brigade captain Qian Yu told reporters.

"compared with traditional casinos, gambling sites involved in a large number of personnel, a wide range, as long as the CANDU staff can access the computer can participate in,"

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