Do not know these three points you are stupid webmaster

people who do the site know that the content of the site construction and promotion activities are basically a pair of wings of the site, you must grasp both hands hard. But a lot of people in the process of promoting the site will be caught in a few major errors, the results of the opposite effect. To avoid these errors, in order to make your site better and better, the author summed up the long-term promotion of each of the three points in website promotion stationmaster to know the experience and knowledge, get it very simple, simple but often includes not simply

first, mistakenly believe that the so-called promotion is advertising. The promotion of the site is to be in the form of advertising is good, but do not do too obvious, it is easy to be deleted. Especially now many popular sites to implement the audit system, advertising becomes more difficult. So when you must pay attention to advertising, it is best to use a high quality of soft Wen, not to work hard.

second, the message is sent to the release of subsequent follow-up behavior but do not pay attention to. For example, people see your ad, interested in words will contact you, this time must be a good relationship with people, to pay attention to. This link is done well, in order to ensure the link. Therefore, it is best to prepare a dedicated customer service to do this link.

third, that there is a good promotion software can once and for all. Nothing in the world once and for all, the promotion of the site is even more so. With a software, do not think, do not start, it is not without effect, but if you want to rely on software alone will not work. Of course, for example, such as mass blog software tools, can replace the manual update blog, save time and effort, or can be used. The use of software and the promotion of hand together, in order to achieve the desired results.

, of course, the site of the error is far more than just a few, here are just a few common mistakes. Experience still needs to accumulate slowly, the so-called failure is the success of his mother. Hope that the new practice, summed up more experience sharing, help you better promotion website ~, finally please indicate the author of the station, I want to go to India: Oh

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