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I know some mobile phone software developers, mobile phone carrier system, their dreams when their software has accumulated hundreds of millions of users, when their system carries billions of user resources, the rest is expected profit.

I have used a "mobile phone system and their improvement after use, the end use of this mobile phone have repeatedly emphasized to me:" advertisement "too much, must change, a few months later, the mobile phone is the original money back.

One of the most important differences between

and traditional enterprise Internet: customers and users are often unable to become one, the Internet has too many thousands of free users, but only a few percent of users have accounted for, a few thousandths of a few points, or even tens of millions of customers, but also is the "little", a huge amount of customers customers may become "users" to attract a large number of merchant investors in WeChat, your circle of friends in a popular game, is that they provide you with free WeChat but also one of the channel profit obtained.

when the Internet thinking in online and offline, traditional enterprises turn to the Internet to give examples of failure reflection: only know we must embrace the Internet, but do not know what is the Internet thinking, Internet practitioners to successful examples of traditional enterprises tend to give people inspiration: really was data of the Internet thinking is more suitable to do marketing.

however, when traditional enterprises are gradually developed the correct Internet model, when Internet practitioners were finally successful people lost their eyes, the status and value of the user of this tree is more prominent.

by the customer to the user: the traditional enterprise only remember the customer’s psychology has been opened

for traditional businesses, I sell a product to the customer, we sold out deals are basically ended, at most a follow-up customer service service, but this is also Follow-Up Services quality problems caused by non-human factors to ensure that product’s interaction with customers, to grasp the user’s basic equal to zero.

on the other hand, the traditional Internet companies began to bow to the spirit of learning, we have to move, they flock to WeChat, marketing to the various Internet marketers seeking help, leveraging the various Internet operators to upgrade Internet products force, perhaps they have not had a successful case of amazing, but we have to admit that the traditional enterprise after all is online fudge facts, have the understanding of their own step by step on the myth of the Internet, and for users to develop and maintain early also opened the door to try.

Internet practitioners actually fell into the line from the user to catch the eyes narrowed only customer

this is the development of a brush from the software, the system comes with APP installed on profits, each user installs a system within the APP, developers will naturally from the APP operator party paid. Software development is completed, the so-called user accumulation war began, and finally, push the day and night

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