2008 first quarter E book ndustry Analysis Report

with the development of science and technology, reading has become the "read things whenever and wherever possible," the meaning of the word is not limited to simply the "look" of the traditional paper books, newspapers and magazines; the city between the ubiquitous network, or by the reader, at any time to finish reading behavior. This is the main reason for the reading rate increased by 6.5 times in the last 6 years.

China Book Business newspaper and read the network jointly issued the 2007 China e-book trends report shows that the total number of e-book readers an increase of 37%, e-book has become a trend of reading. 2007 e-book reader total of 59 million people, an increase of more than in 2006, an increase of 37%. The report also shows that the 07 e-book reader’s age composition and academic composition is no significant change compared with the year 06, is still concentrated in the youth group.

18-24 years of age and 18 years of age have a substantial increase in the readership of groups, 32-38 years of age, there is a small increase in readership. For example, 18-24 year old readers increased from 25.6% to 29.8%. It shows that the trend of the electronic book readers is becoming younger. This can also be confirmed from the electronic book list. This provides a broader space for the development of the content of e-books, but also take into account the positive and healthy development of the purpose of the proposed higher requirements.


note is another major group of 32-38 years old readers increased slightly, this part of the reader groups is the most spending power of the group, the reading demand will tend to be more high-end and knowledgeable, the 2008 electronic book market is also a booster. More and more readers choose to read free electronic books, especially young people to buy newspapers and paper books behavior is significantly smaller than the older ethnic groups.

according to statistics, every day through the network search from the reading behavior of users accounted for more than 30% users, the network reading thus, find books through the search, has gradually become one of the important ways and means of the people in the act of reading.

was selected as one of the 08 years of the most anticipated eight vertical search engine "love found e-book vertical search engine", includes resource search business, comics, novels, life, and English astrology numerology and mobile phone seven channel thousands of e-books, suitable for more than 18 years old people of all ages to read. The website is introduced and recommended for many kinds of bestsellers, the formation of a book database, some readers friends see the site after will buy the book book of desire, which also contributed to the common development of E-book Industry and traditional industry; its search function is also in line with the majority of users search habits, to search resources HTML and STK and STKX format of books, e-books, books download speed, using P2P to download, and HTML web format that is easy to read books to read the back of the function are introduced; the development of love found e-book reader eREAD users widely, the simplified, >

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