Do QQ space to do a few things need to know

many of my friends think that as long as there is QQ space, just send a few articles, about to bring traffic to the site up, in fact, a lot of friends should realize and die every day send logs, say, micro-blog, from the QQ space to site traffic is less and less, so how to do it from the QQ space attract more traffic to the site? Do you need to know QQ the following things:

one, start from the content

Whether you are a

website or blog space micro-blog even now popular WeChat, content is the most important, so the quality of the content accounted for more than half of the factors, not to see what the forwarding. As for what is fire, concern, we can refer to the popular popularity of grassroots blog space, and now those forwarded more articles, and then according to their own friends to determine content.


The more, the better. friends

friends is also a fan of you, if you are using a small promotion drainage, two so we must do: first, allows anyone to add you as a friend, so even if the other party with you, you can not add each other, and when you have space when the update can see each other update; second, the space must be open, here’s why must say no more. For if you let more people and friends, here are the simple introduction, in order to promote the trumpet, just say a friend to the fastest, that is to register the hot friends network, perfect information, QQ information to their left, of course, don’t forget to set your avatar into a beauty and don’t get a picture of the stars.

three, do not unbridled update


is something about life, one day a few times are not much, if it is forwarding articles, or advertising inside the space, so we must pay attention to the quantity, a strong forward don’t always share this article, let alone lead flow, can only attract friends dislike friends, until deleted or blocked space for you, a day of one or two has a lot of forwarding.

four, grasp the time

update also have to look at the time, is not a random hair, want to hair on the hair, unscrupulous hair, grasp the time can be twice the result with half the effort. The first time is the morning time, now Metro bus is to have one, now see is the mobile phone, so this is a prime time. Followed by lunch break time between 12 and 2 points, this time we have time to focus on the dynamics of friends, open the page to do something else. Then is the afternoon commute ride back home, finally a perfect prime time is of course the night before the (9 to 10:30).

five, home landscaping

friends into the space is the first to see your home page, if you want to leave a good impression, then the home page to do a good job, and strive to achieve perfection. Home page to comply with three points:

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