Advertising everywhere you look more exciting

      search engine industry big cake, everyone wants to point what.

      Google because it made a home, Baidu East rise!

      portal news flow, we have been optimistic about it.

      Sina NetEase Sohu Tencent also chase chase!

      instant messaging software stickiness, Tencent development depends on it.

      the future of electronic commerce is large, Alibaba is a strong representative of it.

      online game world is very exciting, embedded advertising began.

      Taobao is also selling advertising, Ali mother alliance established.

      Focus Media, vision, after the course is more popular.

      2008 the Internet in my heart is a media, do everything possible to provide all free services to attract users and eyeballs.

      search engine’s main revenue comes from advertising.

      portal revenue from advertising.

      e-commerce industry is gradually moving towards the media.

      online games gradually involved in the media industry, began to embed ads.

      network as a new era of high-tech products, it is necessary to become an important carrier of cultural propaganda.

      Google almost all services are free, the world’s largest Internet company will further expand its advertising business, to provide free mobile phone products contain advertising materials.

      NetEase launched a free mailbox, Tencent’s QQ and all free services, in the service at the same time are also in their own traffic, make their own contribution to the viscosity.

      the life of the Internet is to be used, some people use it to see, some people will have ads.

      with the advent of the 2008 Olympic Games, it will be more fully reflected that it is a media.


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