How to break the campus market millet culture diehard powder hard to create culture

Abstract: in the long-term infiltration of brand culture and appeal, once the enterprise in the campus has millions of loyal fans, they will become the light of the national market, unexpected "sparks of fire" and gain more business value.


campus market has always been a hotly contested spot. Especially in the campus market, it is a "every Internet Co are unable to hide greeds fat". This is not only because the university campus gathered tens of millions of young Internet users, it is because these students veryspread, can play a key role in the dissemination process of products.

in 2005 to 2006 years, the school network (the former name of carried out in the university campus to send a registered wings promotion activities was a classic case of campus marketing. In the past few years of professional experience, I have worked with the campus several times. In a few years ago, the best way to do the line in the campus promotion is likely to send physical prizes. Still remember to do with the Beijing mobile phone calls to send the bill to participate in the student team will be a hundred meters long.

however, the passage of time, now the university campus is 90 of the world, if we want to copy the past simple and rude effect will be greatly reduced. So, now Internet Co in the campus market, how should we do?

diehard powder: sense of honor more than

the temptation of chicken wings

first, I think it should be the first to do brand culture penetration. This is because now is the mainstream among college students after 90, the generation of large numbers of childhood living in the comfortable environment, even the temptation of wings in return for cash are no longer ten years ago that "power, " this generation of college students should be more sense of identity, achievement a sense of pride and. And, after the formation of brand culture penetration in the campus users in mind, many users will change the spontaneous brand of loyal fans, also known as the diehard powder.

fans in the marketing aspect, the past few years, millet, Meizu and other mobile phone manufacturers do quite well, they through the forum, micro-blog, WeChat and other social media convergence products of users, listen to their opinions and improve the products, party or activities under the line in the country, creating a large family of fans feeling, and then their own brand of successful indoctrination and penetration, making these campus users become the most loyal and disseminator of brand promotion.

and Baidu, Sina and other Internet Co, in recent years, the campus market is also relatively successful operation. For example, during the winter vacation, Baidu launched a mobile phone about ticket activities among them, Baidu reached the people on campus to play a huge role. They ‘lurking’ in the major theaters, to promote mobile phone users Baidu movie tickets, every day can bring tens of thousands of orders. And these Baidu campus promotion to people so

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