Phoenix Li Ya website competition to avoid the homogenization of the site

Greater China once a year the largest online advertising and interactive marketing, interactive marketing world festival of Adworld (seventh) held in Beijing in July 22, 2010. Conference BNET reporter Yin Yinan was fortunate to interview the Phoenix COO/CFO.


Phoenix COO and CFO Lee ya

advertising over the same period last year, an increase of 3 percentage points over

in the first half of 2010 has passed, the first half of the earnings of each big company has come out on’s first half earnings when Lee introduced to the first half of this year, advertising revenue growth compared to last year, more than 3 digit percentage growth, is about 5 times the China Internet advertising market this year average growth rate.

Phoenix media marketing value has been accepted by more advertisers, in fact, it is not difficult to understand. A week ago, DCCI released a China data more than 420 million users, and segments of the population strategy can indeed in the Internet era of exploding better for the content of the target audience and provide valuable information, but also to adapt to the requirements of advertisers to enhance marketing ROI, matching the target more accurately instead of a single, the pursuit of maximum network coverage. So, in terms of content with users of the pursuit, with advertisers to enhance the demand of ROI in marketing, making media marketing value by advertisers increasingly accepted, so our digital advertising revenue growth is far higher than the average level of the industry.

when asked to when listing, Li said the total profit growth this year and already meet the United States or Hongkong listed conditions, but Phoenix is the holding company of Hong Kong listed companies, to comply with the new information release rules, so it is not convenient to disclose the specific situation.

16 applications ranked first in

Lee once predicted that mobile Internet users in three years will be more than PC, so, this change will make the Internet media, what kind of changes? Lee said, Google’s Android operating system, Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the number of the three China Internet Corporation released the application platform, have 16 applications in the first row, for the intelligent mobile phone for the future and mobile Internet, terminal or tablet computer, is developed to adapt to the application of its operating system and hardware products, wireless Internet and cable Internet from Internet is its lack of unified windows, HTTP and Flash protocols with the format, is have wireless Internet research and development strength, with respect to a video website, pure SNS website, can adapt to multi terminal . Currently, these technologies developed by Phoenix directly into the terminal, including Lenovo brand from abroad to NOKIA, motorcycles, Samsung, HTC, to iPhone and ip>

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