nventory of 15 foreign play hidden world high flow site domain name

December 5th news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog Business Insider monthly number of visits to sort out the United States is not known but based on 15 site visits and amazing, many of which we are not familiar with the name, but attracted a large number of visitors, the simple to look at these high traffic domain what is the


1, Ask.com


many people love to visit Ask.com, the website access monthly number reached 53 million, Ask asked, ask the meaning of the application domain question answering platform built properties is also quite appropriate, query, understanding, Ask.com domain names registered in 1998, now has 13 years of history Ask.cn/.com.cn/.net domain name registration, were registered, which also use Ask.net domain name website the domain name, Ask.com domain name registration in early 1 years! Obviously, Ask users of the word love.

2, Go.com


Go.com to access the monthly number reached 29 million, more than Pandora and Comcast, the domain name is simple and easy to remember. Go shopping, go shopping, go fishing to go fishing, "go" with the meaning of action and more, go.com domain name also registered in 1998, the go.cn/.com.cn/.net/.Org has spoken, interesting, CN the domain name go.cn has been the home station, domestic popular group purchase website platform.

3, Reference.com


Reference.com to access the monthly number reached 28 million, Reference can be translated into reference, reference, and related reference books, the site is also a platform to provide advice, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, you can make some reference to this web site, Reference.com domain name registered in 1995.

4, Manta.com


Manta.com is a company oriented search engine, to access the monthly number reached 23 million, more than AT& the T website, Manta can refer to Spanish and Spanish speaking Latin American woman with square scarf, square cloak, Manta.com domain name registered in 2004, now has 7 years of domain name registration time.

5, Wikia.com


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