New media BuzzFeed fantasy growth remember do not search to share

[review the success of]BuzzFeed, its founder, unique way of thinking and outlook on social media are inseparable, and BuzzFeed business model, may bring some enlightenment to this website douban.


Tencent science and Technology Sun reported on February 13th when you open this website, you will see what? "The most happy moments," 90 "is the" advertising ", with hair standing on end," why do cats love to be loved "Super Bowl history ten big hero"…… Sports, entertainment, technology, politics, entertainment, news type sequence is Everything is contained therein., very casual, could not find any association.

yes, this is the famous BuzzFeed website. This was founded in 2006, the media company, created a lot of crazy spread on the social networking site content, chatting information for users to gossip, monthly visits reached 40 million people, a total of $46 million in financing, valuation has exceeded $200 million mark.

when a new media company to achieve such good results, the hearts of the people will have a question: how does it do that? From the BuzzFeed growth trajectory, the success of BuzzFeed, its founder, unique way of thinking and outlook on social media are inseparable, and the business mode of BuzzFeed perhaps, can bring some enlightenment to this website douban.

entrepreneurial history: a story from the Huffington post to BuzzFeed

2001, Nike factory working environment was traced to substandard, was still studying at the University of BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti see this message, ordered a pair of sports shoes to Nike, Nike will "sweatshop" printed on the shoe. There is no doubt that Nike rejected Peretti’s orders.

but Peretti did not give up, through e-mail and Nike launched a war of words, and his friends sent these e-mails, and his friends also continue to forward this mail. Finally, there are tens of millions of people have received this mail, Peretti is also the popular network overnight, even the "Wall Street journal" quoted and reported the relationship between Peretti and Nike email.

affected by this matter, Peretti has been thinking about how to spread information, why people share content". With these questions, in 2006, has been in the "Huffington post" the work of Peretti, a friend and co founded BuzzFeed labs, to explore the spread of viral content.

Peretti recalls that the laboratory is the predecessor of BuzzFeed, at that time was only a

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