Google closed life information search service Base traffic is not up to expectations


Google Base search service

                Beijing on October 10th news, according to foreign media reports, Google life information search service Google Base Product Manager Robin · Zuger (Robin Zuger) on Friday announced that due to the Google Base user flow rate did not reach the expected, has decided to shut down the service.

Google launched Google Base services, the purpose is to facilitate Internet users to search for a variety of daily life information, such as consumer products, real estate information, etc.. Google Base just on the line, some people have said that the service is expected to online auction service provider eBay, classified advertising website Craigslist direct threat. But the reality is that since the Google Base line, the user traffic has not been able to meet the expected Google service.

Zuger said that the reason why Google Base less, the main reason is the user in the search for product information, will use the Google product search service; and the search for real estate information, Internet users are more willing to use Google map service, "Google Base due to less number of users, we close the service, does not bring much negative impact on netizen. After the Google Base service is closed, its existing data will be transferred to other services such as Google product search."

Zuger said that in order to make the corresponding data Google Base transfer to other services, the service’s web page will remain for several weeks, and then be completely canceled. Google recently announced that Google Base has been subdivided into two services, one is the existing Google Base, two is the newly established Google retail center, which is intended to replace the existing Google Base services.

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