Community is the goal of building community barriers to the nternet is the first priority

the Internet after more than and 10 years of development, has experienced two stages of Web1.0, Web2.0, the emergence of portals, online games, e-commerce, search, forum, blog, SNS, micro-blog, and other video website product form. The Internet is also considered to be the most suitable for the industry, with endless opportunities.

some people say that the Internet is not always the boss. In the United States, Microsoft had to rely on the IE browser to dominate Internet, but Google uses search engine to beat Microsoft. When Google throne throne on the Internet, Facebook came, so that the status of Google Internet boss encounter challenges. There are also companies trying to disrupt the order of the industry, the current pattern of the Internet to subvert the China fish in troubled waters, such as war, 3Q.

so, after the Internet has experienced Web2.0, then go through what stage? What is the future of the Internet?

1) the Internet has just grown. Over the past more than and 10 years, the most popular Internet products from the portal, to search, to the video, and then to the electronic commerce, the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, more than one wave after wave. Now the community network represented by Facebook is becoming the new hot spot, but also in the Chinese community ideas become a micro-blog is a hotly contested spot, China is one of the hottest Internet products. Micro-blog Sina became the straw, Zhang Zhaoyang personally led the Sohu engaged in micro-blog, Tencent to open up the entrance with all micro-blog products, Ding Lei said the key is micro-blog NetEase in 2011.

when the Internet products from the functional demands, technical demands, turning to the Internet users concerned about the relationship between the demands of the people, the Internet matures. So I think the Internet is just an adult, many years ago has been in early childhood and teenage years.

2) community is the ultimate goal of the internet. Social development can not be separated from the people, the same can not be separated from the development of the Internet and people, and the biggest feature is the need for communication and interaction. It can be said that people live for communication and interaction. The Internet is a virtual community, but has not any product can reflect its social characteristics, regardless of the media characteristics of the portal, high technology content search, or the use of common IM, e-commerce or real money……

until the emergence of SNS based on the interpersonal network, so that the Internet virtual society to find the best mode of Copy real society, people in the Internet community can communicate and interact more. This includes social networking sites based on strong social relationships, such as Facebook, as well as weak social networking sites based on micro-blog, for example, twitter, the country’s major micro-blog.

so I think that the development of the Internet to the social networking stage, will be the last stage of its development, the ultimate goal of the community is the development of the internet.

3) building community barriers is the first priority. Current interaction >

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